Encouraging children in outdoor sports


Nowadays, modern technological equipment such as telephone, television, computer, tablet, etc. has made children less active. This is not good for the development of children because the risk of obesity can increase, the poor endurance and the low stamina as the result of the untrained skeletal muscle, especially the limited communication abilities of children in the future. So it is very important to encourage children in outdoor sports.


Tips to make outdoors play an integral part of their routine:

1. Creating a sound physical basis

The first essential thing for children to be self-confident in participating in lots of outdoor activities is to build for themselves a sound physical foundation. From the very first, parents should be interested in learning diet appropriate for each age, nutritional balance in not only meals but also snacks, especially in children’s fast growing stages in both their height and weight.


Outdoor activities are very good for children’s development

Frequently asked a question is when children should begin to play sports? As children improve the physical activity abilities, and then they will be able to begin playing sports. Of course in this time, the very simple and easy exercises will be selected for children to get acquainted gradually. Everything will be very easy and effective with the simple beginning.

2. Parents are the first guides

According to the hobby and the health condition of the children, parents will find out the most appropriate form of activities for their children: light or self-motivated, flexibility or strength. It’s important for all family members to be aware of how many physical activities they should do each day, for each age group. And with the alarming rising rates of obesity in children, it’s especially necessary for parents to make sure that their children join in a variety of enjoyable and age-appropriate physical activities each day. Whether it is riding their bike to somewhere, leading the dog for a walk, playing soccer in backyard or dancing in the living room, there are lots of fun ways for children to get moving.

If the children show themselves not to be interested in sports or so diffident, afraid of contacting with strangers, parents can let their child familiarize himself with the brainstorm games or arts to consider the direction of development, and become acquainted with a new environment. Children should be created favorable conditions for trying some different sports to discover one they might enjoy most.

3. Encouraging children to play in a team


Children will be excited at playing with a team

It is very essential to have teammates and opponents in all sports. Parents should sign up their child for some sports classes: sports camp, cricket or football, badminton or tennis, swimming, gymnastics, skating, etc. Parents should also encourage them to be active in the operations of school or class, be a member of friend group or be closer with their neighbor friends. When children play games together, competitiveness and the urge to win will be foremost in their minds, encouraging them to go outdoors and practice playing games.

Being a member of a group, children will have a chance to learn lots of knowledge, new skills, learn how to behave correctly from others in the group. That will help them more self-confidence and even increase good communication skills, adapt themselves quickly to the different circumstances.

4. Inspiring

Children always have a tendency to do everything with their best as they have the inspiration. Therefore, the praise of parents will be an incentive for children to take part in active games. Parents should speak highly of the child, like “you have done very well” or “good job” and also show children feel the effect when they play. Children will surely get pleasant and want to have more time to play more.

For each sport that children participate in, parents should provide useful tools for children to help further their play such as the racquet, ball, bicycle, or any other play tools that their child will want to show to the world and play with. It also becomes the factor help children get more excited, more self-confident and never want to miss any fun outdoor activities.

The world is changing so quickly. When we were young, our parents found it tough to get us stop playing and come into the house; and today we find it difficult to make our children go and play out of the house. So most importantly, explain the importance and benefits of outdoor sports to the child, and spin outdoor activities in a way that the child will look forward to it.

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