Keeping children playing safely on summer vacation


Parents need to pay attentions to providing fitted helmets for children, carefully observing when they play with water, or making them drink more water,…

Five children (7-12) playing with plastic hoops in park
Five children (7-12) playing with plastic hoops in park

Summer is an opportunity for children to have fun and relax to regain energy after a long hard learning period at school. However, this is also the time that may occur many unexpected accidents with children. Therefore, parents should care about some effective preventive measures.


Here are some simple and essential things to bring your child a summer vacation with lots of fun and safety:

1. Fitted helmets for children


Traffic accidents are regarded as one of the main causes of injury, even as a life-threatening factor for children. As children enjoy fun, they often explore new movements  with strong games like running, cycling,… An unexpected fall from the bicycle that no one can anticipate may occur at any time. So, to protect children from head injury and serious brain injury, parents should equip their child with a good helmet fitting with his head, and make he feel comfortable when exercising.


Note: Require children to wear helmets even when he rides in the yard or in the park.

2. Observe carefully when children play with water

Drowning is considered as the second common cause of accidents leading the death of children in every summer. Therefore, parents should give their child to learn to swim, learn about some basic knowledge when playing with water.

For those who do not know swimming, parents should always constantly observe or swim with them. With a private pool, parents should place the barrier around it to prevent the child from falling down unintentionally.

3. Drinking plenty of water

Summer is definitely a great time for children to go outdoors, enjoy the sun and have fun on the beach. However, while they are having fun, it is important to remember to drink plenty of water.


Hot weather in the summer will make the child’s organs operate more quickly and consume a relatively large amount of water, so that it will cause the body to lose water and fast exhaustion, which can lead to stroke and threats to child’s life.

To remedy this situation, parents should make the child drink plenty of water each day to hydrate the body better. At the same time, children spend about 20 minutes or more as a break when playing to drink water or juice to make up water for the body. The best way concerned is getting children into the habit of drinking water at fixed times on one day.

4. Storing chemicals and medicines out of the children’s sight and reach

When children play indoors, they are often very active and curious to see something they consider as “toys” nearby. Therefore, parents have to keep their child far from products containing chemicals such as washing powder, shampoo, dishwashing liquid, medicine. Keep all dangerous chemicals in their original containers that your child will not have chance to come closer.

5. Always carrying a first aid bag

If children go camping or go out with a group, it should be prepared first aid bag for children. Then, adults accompanying children can handle the bad situations at any time. It would be nice to have everything on hand for all situations. Moreover, parents should also prepare label with the name and contact telephone number of the doctor for communications when children have problems.


Outdoors is a very new environment for children that they can get risks at any times. So, careful preparations for all trips are very essential.

6. Apply insect repellent to children

When children go to the countryside or go on a picnic in areas with dense grass and plants, insects like flies, mosquitoes, ants,…can strike them at any time. Therefore, applying insect repellent to children is essential to protect them from dangerous insects.

Note: Select the type of insect repellent having the bactericidal concentration from 10-30% to have a protective effect on the skin for extended periods.

7. Using sunscreen

Sunlight is also extremely harmful elements for children’s skin. Instead of staying out of the sun to avoid sun damage, most of us often go outdoors regularly. So using sunscreen regularly is really necessary in order to protect children from sunburns.

An advice is to choose the type of sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 and wear protective clothes. When children go outdoors, especially for long periods in the middle of the day, long sleeves and slacks, as well as the broad-brimmed hat will help protect their body against the sun’s harmful effects.

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