Making children safe when playing outside


A child just only like the game sitting around in the house will be never able to develop comprehensively

Playing outdoor has brought many benefits for the child’s development, both in physical and mental. However, many parents only want to keep their children indoors for fear of the dangers outside. This excessive concern is unnecessary. Just buy a few notes, parents can let their baby play outside comfortably but still safely.


1. The weather

Each season has its particular series of fun outdoor activities and a lot of safety concerns that everyone need to care about.

The ice and snow in the wintertime are factors that make accidents much more popular. When there’s snow on the ground, parents should take some extra care for children when they play outdoors. It is very important to support properly dressed against the cold. This time, will make people, especially children get the flu.

When the weather is cold or rainy, parents should not let children go out to avoid catching cold and respiratory diseases. As spring comes, children may have to face with a big problem called allergies, especially for children having an allergy to insect or one being asthmatic. So take care yourselves and enjoy safe time on the beautiful weather spring days.

Sunlight early in either morning or decline of the day is very good for the health of children. Absorbing lots of vitamin D from sunlight will help bones of a child more solid and impulse the development of children. Moreover, times with sunlight will also be times children relax themselves and get them into a good habit.

However, parents should not let children spend lots of time on sun exposure or even avoid going out when the sun is scorching outside. Because they will be easy to get heat stroke, headaches, skin burns under this sun. Especially with white skin baby, the scorching sun may cause skin burns or cancer in the future. So, limit outside on a blazing hot day and get some indoor activity.

When children play outdoors, parents should apply sunscreen ( the kind for children) to protect child’s skin. According to some kind of activities, parents can give them sunglasses. All preparations are necessary for a safe play.

2. Clothes

As playing outdoors, children will run a lot, be so active that loose, cool, absorbed sweat clothing should be used. In areas having many plants, wearing long clothing and shoes are all the best for the child. Do not forget some accessories such as hats, glasses,… Make sure that your child will be safe from all objective factors in the outdoor environment.


3. Avoiding being bitten by an insect

Children often get dirty, or somewhere there are many trees when they go out and play, so it is easy for insects to bite them. Some insects are very dangerous. Then, parents have to pay attention to these to keep safe for their child. Do not make children smell themselves to fruit, food, perfume, and colorful dresses, barefoot should also not. The best thing to do is applying insect repellent when children play outdoors. That will protect the child from insects in part.

Parents should also advise children not to touch any strange animals and not to taste strange fruits, keep far away from the thorny bushes. Just do anything with the consent of adults accompanying.

4. Identifying the danger threatens

Most children are interested in playing with animals. Children going to the park having dogs and cats may come closer to these animals. It would be all right if that is a gentle creature. However, dogs are often very hostile to strangers. It will react immediately when approached by strangers. It is very dangerous for children to be bitten by cats or dogs. Children will be able to be injured or even get rabies. So parents need to teach children about asking for adult permission before playing with animals.


At the same time, children should be informed when animals can be dangerous. Absolutely do not tease them in anyways. Children should be strictly prohibited from getting near pond and lake, not climbing trees or climbing up high.

5. Wary of strangers

Children playing outside with friends or alone without an adult accompanying should be wary if an adult they not know talks to and gets acquainted with. Say no to all strangers, do not get anything, or go with them and let’s shout or run away if they deliberately drag you away. That are all things parents should tell their children when they meet strangers.

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