Outdoor summer activities for children


Children are encouraged to participate in outdoor activities to enhance physical and life skills by the family and society, instead of sitting and playing around the living room on a long summer vacation.


1. Camping with family

Camping with family is an activity that almost children being interested in when starting planning about how to spend their vacation. Normally, each trip like this will last from 1 to 2 week or more. At the camp, children will have chances to participate in some activities such as biking, hiking, fishing, boating, swimming, campfire night,… Camping with family is a kind of vacation with family, so all members will be closer to each other, share experiences together to understand each other better.


How to help child teach herself is to manually do the appropriate job

It is said that camping is more than just good for the soul (According to the National Wildlife Federation_NWF). The fact shows that camping with the family will make everyone interacting each other so much more than when they all are in daily activities or resting in a hotel with adjoining rooms. This is also a chance for kids to watch nature, go exploring with others members in the family and play outside in the fresh air. Then spending a few days to do that will teach children lots of things they never knew before, for example how to build a fire, how to fish and have a wider knowledge about animal habitats, even set themselves the imagination free.

2. Summer Camp Program for children

This is a program where children will go to summer camp with an organization that does not require accompanying parents. This organization will directly guide, in charge of children during summer camp. This activity also has a wide selection of locations depending on summer camp organized by the company. Summer camp can be in the forest, seaside or anywhere appropriate program launched.

Features of this method are the same age children alike participating in guided activities. Children will be able to experience the lifestyle collective organizations to meet communicate and have more knowledge of other people. Unlike when camping with family, children will be in the available house with 10 children in one camp. They will join courses, extracurricular programs together, practice skills necessary for life. This will be a good chance for them to develop themselves.

In fact, boating or swimming skills are only secondary factors for children’s participation. More importantly is that they are going to learn how to work in a team, learn to work together, learn about mutual accountability and mutual trust. Although the camp like this only lasts for a few weeks, this will be an opportunity for children to get in touch with new friends, learn and discover new things. That will help them complete the available skills and cultivate more knowledge for themselves.

3. Day Cam

With this method, children will participate in activities by a 1-2 week or more programs that all day they will enjoy karate classes, painting, music,…Children will bring pre-prepared food for all day operation. They spend all day in a group to make new friends and work on important life skills. By the end of the day, they will return home after a day with independent choices and resume the next morning. That is all a day camp.


Children are immersed in nature

Instead of watching television or playing the video game all day, children will communicate with nature and spend a whole day far away from parents. This may be the first independent experience for children to practice necessary skills important to developing independence. Times in day cam will help children develop skills both in physical factors like running, riding, swimming or art and emotional factors like self-confidence and teamwork, creativity. Playing physical activity in newly created environment will build lots of fun for children while exercising, and then will promote any child to be physically active for life. After 1-2 weeks of cam day, a child may have some relatively small difference. These changes may come very slowly, over many days at camp over the course of several summers. Parents can be able to reveal themselves gradually each night when their children return home.

With all these activity: camping with family, summer camp program for children or day camp, they offer children fun, excitement, and lessons that last.  For all, summer activities give children not only a powerful alternative but also a greater partnership.

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