The pedal is the soul of the piano.It is undeniably the essential function of contributing to the perfect of melodious songs. When you have possessed the best reverb pedal, you have to know how to use it at its best to produce the most satisfying result. Here are the some helpful guides for you to know more about the tips of using the pedal piano.


When it comes to pedal use, people often think about the sustain pedal. However, there are three pedals which serve different purposes. In order to learn using the pedals effectively and appropriately, then listening and thinking is the most important. Time is the critical point. Different timing is in different composes. It defines where the pedal is depressed and released to provide the intended sound. Beethoven is best to depress the damper on the third beat, hold and release the first beat of the following bar. Brahms, on the other hand, is depressed on the second beat, hold and released on the first beat of the following bar.

The pedal use is various among players during performance. Considered as the soul of a piano, it can be used to make amazing, sweet sound. However, for beginners, it is not easy and it should be followed after the teacher’s instructions. Practicing listening to the sound as using the pedal is a great help to your hearing capacity and then you can take your own step and experience to step on the pedal simultaneously with hands playing tunes. Players are always guided that the pedal should be stepped on right after they play the accord. By this method, players can practice the coordination of hands and legs to produce sophisticated and super perfect sound. The professional pianists not only know how to combine hands and legs movements smoothly but also are creative enough to make their own artistic style. This demands time of practicing until fluently and proficiently to reflect your own music.


In many songs, the use of pedal notified by the signals Pedand * marks so that players know when to trample the pedal and when to split out the pedal. However, many people still get confused as performing their songs.

The music notes are mixed together to create harmonizing effects when the pedal is used. On the other hand, when players do not use the pedal, the sound will stay unconnected, supple. There will be not deep dimension in the sound produced. It is advisable that the pedal should not be used during the interval 2 (major and minor) and new accord.


When the song changes into a new accord, if the pedal is trembled, the notes then can become weak which means that you cannot realize the notes clearly. The notes of both accords are echoed with each other creating a confusion and difficulty in feeling and hearing sometimes. The pedal can have effective advantage within the same accord. It is necessary to split out the pedal when you change to another accord. Also, in order to give your song more support, players should practice stepping on the pedal effectively when the song some to and end with an appe. It will help to make the sound more supply and professional. In applying the pedal, beginners may have difficulty because their legs should step on the reverb pedal in the exact moment when the new accord is played. This happens in a short period of time. To beginners, following teacher’s instruction is vitally important to avoid wrong beat style when applying the pedal.


There are preliminary exercises for beginners to practice using the pedal effectively. You can put your leg on the pedal and move it up and down smoothly and easily. It is also important to have the right seat position to make your legs more comfortable with up and down movements.The pedal has degrees such as half, quarter ad eighth pedal.

The good technique for using the pedal is mostly based on experience, listening ability and thoughtful practice. It is common to see that pianists use reverb pedal instinctively to create their special effects ad colors especially using the pedal before playing for the opening of a phrase to soften the music. However, it should be not overused in a song and it is often determined by the size and location of the instrument. In many cases, the sound will be diffused as using the pedal in the bass. It is best to listen to many performances to learn and develop individual pianist‘s taste of music. There is big gap between magical and ghastly depending on performer.

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