How to ride a balance bike


Apart from your kid, almost children in your neighborhood can be able to cycle and you would like your toddler own a balance bike so that he or they can learn to ride. However, before you purchase any best toddler balance bike you had better make sure that a brake lever can be handled by your child. In addition to that, if you don’t want to the result of carrying the bike rather than your kid will ride on it, it would be a wise idea to buy a light balance bike.

Do not force them

You can buy him or them the vehicle but it’s best not to rush things. Forcing them to like and ride a bike right away is not a good place to start. First of all, you should ensure that you can get a longer lasting one as well as just the suitable size as they can not feel uncomfortable to ride the bike or just they are the lack of confidence to ride it. So it may take a year or two. The good advice from an experienced parent is that you should not choose the bike with the foam-filled tires because they are not durable. So imagine you bought them a bike and one day, say 1 year later, they are going to begin enjoying cycling but the bike is not good enough to use, so you must get them another bike which is really a waste of money.


It’s quite nervous for a little child to ride a bicycle for the first time. If they are a bit timid, please do not take them to the part where there are so many other children. They may tease them and they will end up refusing to ride on to that bicycle. In turn,you should help them to study at them own pace is a good idea. You can supervise them and teach them how to use the brakes or something like that. First, let them sit on the seat on the stationary bike as well as you are holding them. Then after 5 or 10 minutes of practicing like that, you can quit holding them as well as let them see how they will not fall off as they is always able to put their feet touch the ground.

Encourage your kids

If your kid doesn’t want to ride them bike right away, you can help them get used to it by carrying the bike along whenever you go outside with her, especially come to daycare. Besides, they will encounter the others that will ride their bicycles and it is sure that later or later they will want to be like other friends, sitting on the seat and cycling to them school. One thing to consider is that although watching other kids enjoying riding can be encouraging and helpful, it can also embarrass them if they fall off in front of other kids. So make sure you’re always ready and alert to catchthe bicycle and them.

Allow them to practice

There is the saying that practice makes perfect so it is necessary for you to spend at least one hour a day to support your kid learn how to balance and then ride. Ensure before beginning teaching, you have to pay them attention to the safety equipment like pads, helmets, so forth and so on. And pick a safe position to train them in. It can be giving them more confidence if they feel that they will does not get injuries. If you are really concerned about this issue, so keep practice on with your kid every day and your kid will certainly learn to cycle quickly.



It is more encouraging if you child has an elder sibling who already know how to ride a bike. So a good way to encourage your kid to ride a bike is that all of the family members go outside by cycling. Your kid will do what other family members do. But be careful if your kid is learning how to balance the bike, you and other family members should slow down so that your kid can keep up with others.

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